Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Real Holiness

The Scripture focus tonight was Romans 12: 1-2. In this passage, Paul defines real holiness and the need for each of us to seek that deeper, better way with Christ.

Real holiness is not about rules or rituals, but about relationships.

To find real holiness, we must realize holiness is:

1. Proximity-- The closer we are to Christ, the closer we are to holiness. Proximity to Christ defines our connection to God's plan and work in our lives.

2. Personal-- Holiness in Christ is about changing the deep places of our hearts and souls. The closer we get to Christ the more we are stripped of those places where we hide our broken edges. But, in being more vulnerable, we find the heart of God for and in each of us.

3. Poignant-- I had to look this word up. But, basically, poignant means to find such affect in something that it spills out uncontrollably. Holiness in Christ is not a "managed emotion" but an uncontrollable response to the gracious and power of the Creator.

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